Virtual meetups that feel like real life

Bring your team together in a virtual space made just for you. Designed for happy hours, events or just hanging out.

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Making virtual meetups more human for global brands

Make your space your own

Put up posters, decorate the walls or play a branded video. Pluto’s customization features help you enhance your space and build culture in the digital world.

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Walk in and out of conversations naturally

Wander between conversations. Join interesting ones nearby. Or strike up your own. Pluto’s immersive 3D and spatial audio features ensures your team feels like they’re in the same room, even if they’re thousands of miles apart.

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Shared experiences without limits

Showcase projects, stream a company announcement, or share team photos. Pluto’s media screens can be used to create engaging, on-brand experiences.

Popular ways to use Pluto

Team building

Team building, happy hours and holiday parties

Connect and build meaningful relationships with your team in a natural, laid-back environment. You can customize our 3D venues so that they fit your theme and match your brand.


Community events, networking and conference socials

Online events don’t have to be transactional. Provide attendees with opportunities to network and socialize in a fun, purpose-built environment.

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